Renate Ariadne

Renate Ariadne van der Togt (Haarlem, NL) is an artist and photographer living in London.

Taking inspiration from dreams, she creates low lit scenes separated from reality by using distortion and reflective materials. Fascinated by sexuality and identity, her photographs investigate themes involving the body, such as loneliness, shame and control.

Renate Ariadne studied at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. After she finished her Bachelor of Art in 2016, she moved to London, where she is currently based. She has been featured by Magazines such as Document Journal and Nicotine Magazine, and her work has been shown in Red Hook Labs’ Labs New Artists exhibition in New York two years in a row.

  • Auer Magazine
  • Big Book
  • Document Journal
  • Glamcult
  • Grit Magazine
  • Hot Potato News
  • King Kong Magazine
  • Metal Magazine
  • Musée Magazine
  • Nicotine Magazine
  • Schon! Magazine
  • Terrible Magazine
  • Them Magazine
  • Volkskrant Magazine
  • Archived Prototypes
  • Big Project Japan
  • Grounds Footwear
  • Ivan Clothing
  • Zrad Durmin Jewellery
  • 2021 Siilk Gallery, Berlin
  • 2021 Siilk Gallery, Athens
  • 2019 Photo Vogue, Milan
  • 2019 UNSEEN Amsterdam
  • 2019 Labs New Artists III, Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn
  • 2018 Acid Salt, Amsterdam
  • 2018 Photo Vogue, Milan
  • 2018 Fotografiehuset, Oslo
  • 2018 Labs New Artists II, Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn
  • The Unnatural